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LICENSE #1054632






The Interlocking Pavers Project is a licensed contracting company specializing in interlocking pavers. The company is based in Malibu California and services all of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.


Service's includes professional project management and design. We create custom designs to enhance your outdoor space. We understand homeowners have had bad experiences with other contractors so we offer transparent pricing and a production process to make the outdoor project easy, efficient and pleasant. With each paver that goes down we get better and that's always our goal. High quality installation, design and service with every project..


Pavers Projects vary from driveways, walkways, pool decks, backyards, and fire pits. Reimagine your outdoor space today! With Interlocking Pavers Project.



Our services include driveways, backyards, pool decks and patios. We specialize in interlocking pavers.


Driveways are the doormat to your home. Truly changing the feel by removing layers of old asphalt and cracked concrete. We love driveway projects! A lot of driveways are easily accessible and because of this we can provide the best value. Most driveway projects allow for machinery use this ability allows the timeline to move along more efficiently than backyard projects thus saving us time and you money. We finish 90% of our projects on or before the scheduled deadline. When you trust us with your project you get a dedicated  person to answer all your question from concept to completion. The Interlocking Pavers Project was born from a project management company that designed and oversaw the all facets of the project before becoming a licensed contracting service.  We look forward to hearing from you about your next pavers project. Follow the journey on Instagram  @pavers_project.


With the cost of real estate skyrocketing backyards offer a great opportunity to extend the outdoor living space and create value. Investing in your backyard and walkways will provide a beautiful space for you and your loved ones to create lasting memories. My artisan teams work with pride knowing they are installing the backdrop to many memories. We use the highest quality materials from manufacturers such as Angelus, Belgard, Orco, Olsen. These pavers installed properly can hold at least 8,000 pounds per square inch.



I can help reinvigorate your pool deck with design elements to tie into your space. Pavers provide a lifetime warranty and style to enhance your pool.  I help navigate a complete pool makeover coordinating with your pool contractor the different stages for these type of projects. We can install new coping to match or contrast your new pool deck. Pavers add a luxurious touch found in high-end resorts and are now available for your home at an affordable price. 


Pavers are not the least or most expensive option but they are the most flexible. Interlocking pavers allows for easy access to the pool lines below the surface when needed. Contact us today to review your project and receive a line item proposal of everything involved in your Interlocking Pavers Project. 


 Want to live the Sothern California lifestyle? Expand your outdoor space! Pavers are a great option to extend your usable space into an entertaining oasis. Create a continuation of the inside of your home and allow the design choice to tie into the environment. Luxury and durability makes pavers the right choice for your patio and walkways. Far superior to conventional concrete our manufacturers believe this wholeheartedly enough to provide a lifetime warranty they won’t crack. 


Have dinner under the stars and roast marshmallows over your new custom fire pit. Host family events, parties and create memories that will last a lifetime. Allow us the opportunity to show you how pavers can change your space from unusable to a welcomed  outdoor addition. 


A collection of projects we've reimagined with passion